Android Application

Eikon Technologies in association with a team of Corporate Trainers is conducting ANDROID training sessions for a limited period.

3 Months Diploma Program in Android Application Development (Course Fee: Rs. 20,000/-)

Course Objectives:

  • Our Android course is a interactive, hands-on training which provides you a complete overview of the Android platform.
  • The curriculum is developed according to industry standards and requirements and this course will make you an expert.
  • You will be provided with original Android Phones and Tablets to test your application.
  • At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to build and publish your own real-time Android application.

Course Contents:
Getting Started
* Overview of Android and Android SDK
* Getting to know your Android development environment
* Writing your first Android application
* Running and debugging your application
* Working with Android simulator
* Test your application on device
Android Applications – The Big Picture
* Android architecture
* Android application model
* Overview of Android application building blocks
* Application design guidelines
* Application lifecycle
Building User Interface
* Overview of Android’s view structure
* Android built-in layouts
* Defining a layout in XML
* Android built-in Views
* Event handling
* Building custom views and layouts
Building Android Applications
* AndroidManifest.xml file – the control file
* Building activities
* Building intents
* Building and using services
* Notifications
* Building and using content providers
Data Stores
* Overview of storing, retrieving, and exposing data
* Preferences
* Files
* SQLite Databases
* ContentProviders
* Data access over the network
Android Security Model
* Overview of Android security architecture
* Signing application packages
* User IDs and access control
* Using, declaring and enforcing permissions
* URI permissions
Resources and I18N
* Overview of resources in Android
* Creating resources
* Using resources
* Drawable resources
* Animation resources
* Using resources for different languages
Android Media API
* Playing audio/video
* Media recording
Building Location Based Applications
* Where am I
* LocationManager
* Integrate with GoogleMap
Interprocess Communication with AIDL
* Overview of Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL)
* Defining the interface
* Implementing an interface
* Exposing the interface
* Invoking IPC methods
* Parameter passing