Hadoop & Bigdata

Eikon Technologies in association with a team of Corporate Trainers is conducting Hadoop & Bigdata training sessions.

A Unique combination of Course Contents is designed for beginner level to professional level which will suit any company requirements.

Course Duration: –  Classes will be conducted only on Weekends

Course Demo  : Every  Saturday & Sunday at 12pm (only after confirmation)

Trainer: From Industry with 5 Years of Experience

Normal Track (20 days or 40 Hrs)

Fast Track (Min 15 days—Max 20 days)


Course Contents

Ø Introduction to Hadoop

ü  What is Hadoop

ü  Why Hadoop

ü  History of Hadoop

Ø  The Motivation of Hadoop

Ø  Hadoop architecture

ü  Overview of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MR (Map Reduce) framework

ü  Overview of problems solved by Hadoop Data Mining

ü  Web Mining

Ø  Setting up Hadoop

ü  Pseudo Mode

ü  Cluster

ü  Common Errors when running Hadoop cluster

Ø  HDFS- Hadoop Distributed File System

ü  HDFS Design and Architecture

ü  HDFS Concepts

ü  Interacting HDFS using command line

ü  Interacting HDFS using JAVA APIs

  • Running MR application on Local File system, pseudo mode, cluster mode
  • Creating and deleting directories on HDFS
  • Creating and deleting files on HDFS
  • Reading and writing files on HDFS
  • Moving files with in HDFS
  • Renaming files
  • Submitting Jobs

Ø  Map Reduce Programming Model

ü  Developing Map Reduce Application

ü  Phases in Map Reduce Framework

ü  Map Reduce Input and Output Formats

Ø  Hadoop Programming Languages

ü  Hive

  • Installation
  • Creating tables
  • Writing Hive Queries

ü  Pig

  • Installation
  • Concepts
  • Data processing operators
  • Writing UDFs

ü  No SQL Data Bases

  • Concepts- SQL v/s NoSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Architecture
  • Concepts
  • Installation
  • Performing CRUD (Create Update and Delete)


  • Importing From MYSQL to HDFS.
  • Exporting From HDFS to MYSQL.
  • Advance concepts of SQOOP

15days to 1 Month  Program  (For Program Details Contact: 07849003345/46 or Email:[email protected])