Eikon has a distinctive atmosphere where the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation, and friendly competition. Smaller student groups in classes lead to students developing closer supportive relationships with each other and faculty members.


We provides exceptional infrastructure facilities to accelerate the learning process of the student community like Stress-free learning classrooms with modern furniture, Digital Boards, OHP, LCD & DLP Projectors and multimedia enabled lecture facilities, well stocked Libraries, Student Lounge and Board Rooms.


Spacious air-conditioned classroom equipped with the latest teaching aids and Audio-visual equipments like the digital board, projector; VC etc make learning at Eikon a truly stimulating experience.

Student Lounge

A common area for our students. This area will serve as a general meeting and study area for the students.

Study Material

We provides study material free of cost to all students; Ever year new dimensions are added to the existing class material. Students can go through these materials at any time as per their convenience.