Student Speak

Student Testimonials who are benefited from our Courses

Many thanks for an excellent and very enjoyable course. I will certainly recommend to anybody who wishes to take Eikon courses in the future.

Nithin Kumar, Embedded Technologies

I thought the presentation of the course and the trainer was excellent, the sections on motivation and performance improvement were very beneficial.

Pranjan, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

These guys are good in Embedded Projects, they teach us from scratch. I got to do a fine project for my academics.

Sharan, Embedded Technologies

The trainer was very good, the way he got us to all work together and he presented in lots of different ways to keep the day interesting.

Shubankar, Embedded Technologies

Once again I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone at Eikon  for the wonderful training.

Soma Deb, Embedded Technologies

Excellent course, Apart from really enjoying the classes and the way you organized them, they really set off my interest in hardware and the influence of IT and the Internet in the emerging world. Thank you very much for your support and prompt replies. I find your courses useful and your help makes me feel that this is money well spent.

Kumar, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

It was fantastic – thank you very much! I was very impressed with the trainer’s professionalism and knowledge.

Priyanka, Embedded Technologies

“This course has helped with many aspects of my career progression; improving my team leading skills, and practical skills . It has helped me with my confidence as a whole.

Nilaj, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

I really enjoyed the program and thankful for the opportunity. Eikon  provided me a wide learning platform with resourceful faculties who guided me throughout . The placement assistance helped me realize my capabilities  and today I am well placed in Oracle, a reflection of the fine education we have received at Eikon

Charles, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

Eikon Technologies is better Institute when compared to other institutes . Eikon helped me in various skill developments.

Sourabh Sen Gupta, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

The experience was good at Eikon & the trainer was much experienced and convincing.

Rahul,IT Security & Ethical Hacking

It was very helpful in achieving my career goal and convert my endeavours into real time world.

Supreet, .Net Technologies

I have good experience with Eikon. I learn many good practices which enhanced my personal as well as professional life and help boost up my career.

Esha,Embedded Technologies

It was good, trainers always help  students and they provide us good guidance to help in our career.

Preethi, .Net Technologies

The student support services which provided to the student are better than in any other institution.
Comments on faculty & their learning experience :-
In Eikon the faculties are very nice.

Amit, Embedded Technologies

Experience was good with Eikon. Faculty was very good at that time when was going my course. So overall it was good experience for me.

Manohar, IT Security & Ethical Hacking

My experience at Eikon is excellent. Eikon enhanced my knowledge & gave me perfect way of my life to stabilize my career. Thanks you

Ramya, .Net Technologies

I have good experience with Eikon in term of education and communication. I had learnt lot of technology here.” The instructor is more than an expert he is really full of knowledge.”

Venkatesh Reddy,IT Security & Ethical Hacking

I am thankful to the expert professionals who have assisted me in having a wonderful opportunity in completing my IT Security Course because of which I am placed in a good firm.

Kiran Kumar,IT Security & Ethical Hacking

It is just because of the unmatched training programs provided in this training institute that I have gained knowledge and expertise in my domain.

Praveen,IT Security & Ethical Hacking

The training equipments and labs which is provided in this training institute is the best which helps in providing the best training services to the students.

Abdul Raheem, Embedded Technologies

We were a group of 6 people studying Engineering in Chennai. I inquired over phone whether they can do JAVA PROJECT with Course and our main intention was the course should be taught by a good trainer. They told me that we have a trainer with more than 5 years experience. All the conversation happened over phone and we all enrolled. Surprisingly when we went to Bangalore to start the course, the trainer did not turn up, and the counselor told us that he had some urgent meeting in office. We thought that it was not a good start, the next day we started the class,the faculty was really good with his explanation,real time concepts and he also shared some of his real time projects with us. We had only one month time for the project. Even though the faculty was busy, with the time allotted he finished the project and we were able to finish it as per our schedule and we all are planning to go for a long term course as suggested by the faculty. According to us we rate this institute good because ultimately we go for training and if you get good faculty then your job is done.

Atul Singh, Java Technologies

I had a very positive experience at the Eikon when taking the Networking class. My instructor was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to spend extra time and to continue training me outside of the classroom

Kumar Venkatraman, Networking