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Eikon India is one of the premier training and research centers in India. Eikon India incorporates the purpose of ensuring systematic, efficient and qualitative training in Analog & Digital Electronics, Information Security & Ethical Hacking, VLSI Design and Verification, Nanoscience & Nanotechology, Embedded System Design & Robotics, Python Scripting, Android Programming, Dot Net & Advance Java.

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Analog Electronics Systems : Duration 2days/1Week


  1. Semiconductor Devices (BJT and MOSFET): Operations and characteristics, low frequency- and high frequency models.
  2. Single stage amplifiers: Common emitter and common source amplifier, Common base and common gate amplifier,
  3. Common collector   and common drain amplifier; frequency response, concept of active load.
  4. Multi stage amplifiers: Cascaded amplifier stages; CE-CE, CE-CB, CE-CC, CC-CC amplifier.
  5. Current mirror: Simple and cascade using BJT and MOSFET.
  6. Differential amplifier: Double ended and single ended differential amplifiers using BJT and MOSFET.
  7. Feedback: Basic configurations and practical amplifier circuits using negative feedback.
  8. Stability and Oscillators: Stability analysis, phase margin and gain margin, positive feedback, RC and LC oscillators.
  9. Power amplifiers: Class A, Class B, Class AB and Class C amplifiers, Practical power amplifier circuits.


About the workshop

The current workshop will cover a wide range of topics such as Semiconductor Devices, Single and multi-stage amplifiers, Current mirror, Feedback, Stability and Oscillators and Power amplifiers.
Main objective of the workshop

To build capacity of the attendees being capable to specify and design analog systems.


Benefits of the workshop

To understand the concept of multistage amplifiers, analysis of multistage amplifier and its frequency response, Darlington pair and bootstrap circuits.

To learn the basics of tuned amplifiers such as single tuned, double tuned & power amplifiers.

To study and analyze the performance of negative as well as positive feedback circuits.

To study and analyze the wave shaping circuits and operational amplifies

Registration Particulars

Interested Applicants should reach the co-ordinator and  register for the workshop by online payment.

Registered candidates will be acknowledged by email about the details of the  batches and date of commencement of the workshop.

Participant strength is limited and will be registered on first come first serve basis, register immediately to avoid any possible inconvenience


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